About Our Milk

How does Kleinpeter Milk get to your table?

Kleinpeter is presently milking over 600 cows two times per day and is the largest herd milked in Louisiana. Some of the high producers are milked as much as four times per day during the cooler months. We milk our cows in what is called the ‘milking parlor’, where each cow is hooked up, cool the milk in chilled tanks, and then transport the raw milk from our farm in Montpelier, Louisiana, to our processing plant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Once the raw milk arrives in Baton Rouge, we test it to insure that its quality is maintained. After the raw milk passes our rigorous tests, it is unloaded into chilled holding tanks. It is then processed into cream, whole milk, reduced fat milk, skim milk, or chocolate milk. It is then packaged in the various sizes of containers for your preference.

We then load our own trucks for direct store delivery. Our personnel deliver the milk to each store, hospital, restaurant or school on a regular schedule so you can get it fresh at your convenience. Our personnel stock the shelves so we can maintain our high standards for Kleinpeter milk all throughout the areas we service.

Dairy Consumption Trend since 1950:

  • 1950: 36 gallons of milk and 7.7. pounds of cheese per person/year
  • 2000: 23 gallons of milk and 29.8 pounds of cheese per person/year

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