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How it’s made

A typical batch is anywhere from 400 to 1,600 gallons. The dairy uses a high-speed blender to blend all the ingredients with milk, then pumps the mixture into its 2,000-gallon batch tank where the ingredients are pasteurized. During the pasteurization process, the mixture is heated up and cooled, pressurized, and then moved to a storage tank, where it’s bottled from there. Altogether, the process takes around four hours to make a 400-gallon batch.

Kleinpeter Seasonal Eggnog. 1 gallon and half gallon

By the numbers

A 400-gallon batch of Kleinpeter eggnog consists of:
  • 308 gallons of milk
  • 42 gallons of cream
  • 50 gallons of fructose
  • 187 pounds of a blended whey and milk powder
  • 15 pounds of egg yolk
  • 5 gallons of egg nog concentrate
  • A stabilizer to ensure the mixture doesn’t separate

Find Kleinpeter’s eggnog at your local retailer.

Kleinpeter Seasonal Eggnog. 1 gallon and half gallon

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