What makes Kleinpeter extraordinary?

Kleinpeter Farms Dairy offers the following thoughts on the company values we hold dear.

2.  Be accessible. I have been told by many consumers who email us with issues, “I can’t believe that the president of the company actually took the time to personally answer my concern. Thanks for doing that and I will definitely continue to buy your milk”. That’s pretty powerful, isn’t it?

3.  Anticipate problems and take steps to avoid them. When a problem arises, be thorough about investigating its root cause, be sure what went wrong, and come up with a fix that will ensure that it doesn’t happen again. And the best way to not have issues is to think of ways to avoid them before they happen, that is called management to us.

4.  An obsessive approach to quality—setting high standards and holding ourselves to them.  It’s easy to be obsessive about the quality of our products—all you have to do is drink them. Jimmy Dean, of the sausage company that bears his name, said, “I would rather people complain about the price, than complain about the lack of quality.” At Kleinpeter Dairy, we say, “If it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for you either.” We are not afraid to constantly look in the mirror to see what we can do better.

5.  The quest for higher efficiency never ends. No one organization will ever reach 100% efficiency. Why? Technology changes every hour of every day. Implementing that technology into a functional effort in each of our businesses is one of our challenges. That challenge never sleeps. The new technologies, i.e., a better mouse trap, is constantly being reinvented. Thus, the challenge never ends. If you think your organization has met all of those challenges, think again. The quest never, never ends.

In 2007, the Kleinpeter team donated to 243 local charities and causes, each one a fit to the philosophy that has been handed down for four generations. We take great pride in sharing our philosophy of giving back and we hope that the way in which we do this will inspire our neighbors to create their own legacy of giving back.

8.  Help others.   Many around us are turned off by what they see on the news. Many are tired of the ‘same old broken record.’ “What can you do for me?” seems to be spoken by everyone. At Kleinpeter, we believe that we have an obligation to give back. We chose to help all we can, wherever we can. As long as someone wants to help themselves, we feel the effort to help them is worth it.

We do this not only because we feel the obligation, but because we are able to do so. Our community is gracious enough to believe in us by buying our products and supporting our families, so why would we not return the favor?