Kleinpeter Dairy Frequent Questions

What is K+ and why do we make it?

We know that sometimes milk-drinkers want ‘a little more’, and we believe in the beneficial qualities of probiotics so we created K+: reduced-fat, great tasting Kleinpeter milk ‘+’ Acidophilus.

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What does 'pasteurized' mean?

Pasteurization is when raw milk is heated to 161 degrees Farenheit for fifteen seconds to kill bacteria that could spoil the milk. Pasteurization also extends the shelf life.

What does 'ultra-pasturized' mean?

Ultra-pasteurization is when raw milk is heated to 280 degrees Farenheit for at least two seconds to kill bacteria that could spoil the milk. Ultra-high pasteurization is usually used for milk products that need to be shipped a long way from where they were packaged, such as to another state or region.

Is your ice cream gluten-free?

The following flavors are gluten-free: Vanilla, Chocolate, No-Sugar-Added Vanilla, No-Sugar-Added Chocolate, Pralines-N-Cream, Cafe Au Lait made with Community Coffee, Buttered Pecan made with Bergeron's pecans and Ponchatoula Strawberry.

Our Sweet Potato Pie ice cream contains pieces of pie crust which are made with wheat so we would not classify that flavor as "gluten-free". Our Banana Pudding ice cream contains pieces of vanilla wafer which is also made with wheat and is therefore not “gluten-free”. Also, our GoldBrick ice cream does contain ingredients that are made on equipment that also proccesses wheat, almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, walnuts and peanuts. Therefore we do not classify GoldBrick as "gluten-free".